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Chimney Register Plate Kit

For 6inch Flue Pipe




  • Width: 1000mm (40")
  • Depth: 400mm (16")
  • Flue Size: 135mm(5")/ 160mm(6")


  • Prevents heat loss by bouncing heat back into the room
  • Catches falling soot and debris
  • Stops down draughts coming into your room
  • Essential for ensuring a strong draw through the stove
  • 1.6mm steel plate
  • Flue pipe hole pre-cut in centre
  • Includes angle bracket frame supports
  • Easy to cut to size
  • Easy to install
  • Max = 1000mm x 400mm


Universal register plate kit.

Your stove installation will normally require a Register plate - this is a steel plate which blanks off the space between the inside walls of the chimney and the flue pipe.

It ensures maximum draw and performance by ensuring the chimney can only pull air through the stove.

The kit includes long angle iron supports which will be srcewed into the inside walls of the chimney breast a few inches above the opening height, so that the plate sits just out of sight.

The plate and angle brackets are easily cut to size with hacksaw or small disc cutter/ angle grinder.

Once cut to size, the plate is then cut in half from front to back so that access to the chimney in future is easy.

The plate is 1000mm by 400mm which is large enough for the vast majority of chimneys.

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