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Excellent fire well worth the money 5* service thank you”

Stephen McEwan,

excellent service, early delivery. many thanks”

Mrs Oxford,
Stoke On Trent

Excellent Stove and impressive at taking back previous stove ...”

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News and New Products

March 2018

The Saltfire ST1, ST1 Vision and ST2 models are tested and certified for the EcoDesign 2022 standard.

January 2018

The Ekol Crystal 5 and Clarity 5 models are tested and certified for the EcoDesign 2022 standard.

 June 2017

The full Saltfire ST-X range has now been tested and certified for the EcoDesign 2022 standard.


 May 2017

New The Ekol Clarity Vision has now been tested and certified for the EcoDesign 2022 standard. Over the next year we plan to test all of the Ekol range for the new standard. 




April 2017

New European legislation has been passed meaning in the future wood-burning stoves will have to meet stricter limits for emissions. This legislation is called the EcoDesign Directive (also known as Lot 20 or the Energy Related Products (ErP) Requirements). The legislation comes into force in 2022. Although this is 5 years away some progressive manufacturers including Ekol are beginning to label stoves that meet the requirement in advance as EcoDesign Compliant now.
The requirements mean significantly lower maximum emissions limits on Carbon Monoxide (CO), Organic Gaseous Compounds (OGC), Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Particulate matter (e.g. dust/smoke), compared to current limits, and also mean a higher minimum Efficiency standard for the appliance.
All Ekol stoves have been designed to be highly efficient and clean-burning, emitting minimal pollutants to the environment so will be able to meet and exceed these future requirements. A new set of official testing is required to demonstrate this.
The first of the models to be tested has been the Ekol Adept Range (soon to be launched) so this is now badged as EcoDesign compliant. Further Ekol models are already scheduled for the new testing over the summer. 
Ekol promote burning wood - when burned in efficient stoves like ours - this is an environmentally friendly way of heating your home. Ensure your logs come from sustainable and properly managed resources. These modern stoves will help to improve air quality across the country.
Further updates to follow as more models are passed - please contact us for more information.

December 2016 

Our best selling models - the Saltfire ST-X5 and the Saltfire ST1 Vision both now back in stock - ready for immediate shipping. These models sold so well in the Autumn that we couldn't keep up enough finished stock. We have now built up good levels of both, along with all other ST models.

 August 2016

Now in stock - the Mini Air Vents to provide ventillation for solid fuel appliances.
These are much easier to install as the tube diameter is only 3" (compared to 5" for the older versions).
See here in our shop:
Mini Air Vent
See the installation video here:


July 2016

Our latest model - the extra wide 5kW Ekol Clarity Vision - now on sale

New for 2016, the Clarity Vision is designed to give the widest width and view of the fire whilst keeping the nominal rated output at 5kW. As one of the widest 5kW stoves available in the UK, there are few rivals in this category. 

Based on the width and height of it's big brother the Clarity 12, the depth is reduced allowing for easier insertion into shallow fireplaces or less intrusion into the room when used free-standing against a wall. 

At the same time the wide firebox is retained allowing for long logs to be used. 

A 5" diameter flue can be used making installation easier.


Ekol Clarity Vision

Ekol Clarity Vision


June 2016

The full ST-X range now available for immediate dispatch - click the images for more info:






March 2016

See our new videos (lots more coming soon):

Ekol Clarity Double-Sided Stove:



Ekol Clarity 5 With Hand Burnished Door:



February 2016

 New Saltfire models coming soon:


Premium quality at an affordable price


January 2016

Special Offer on the Saltfire Sturminster Inset model

Our excellent 8kW Inset stove - fully DEFRA Approved for use in Smoke Control areas. Currently £100 off the normal price. Now just £499 including VAT and Free Delivery to mainland England/Wales.



 October 2015

We are now an official retailer for Termatech Stoves

The Termatech TT20 range are free standing stoves designed for open plan rooms, extensions, kitchen & dining rooms and conservatories.
Their Scandinavian contemporary design creates a modern heat source with exceptionally high efficiency (83%). Available in black or grey this clean lined appliance compliments any modern living space. With an output of 5kw the Termatech range can provide either background heat or a primary heat source for a room up to 70 cubic metres.


Termatech TT20


Painted colour doors for the Ekol Clarity range - looks great in Ivory - call for details.


 Ekol clarity with painted door


New Option for the Ekol range - a lovely hand burnished door. Call for details or if you would like one! - looks good with a stainless steel flue pipe.


Ekol clarity with burnished door


September 2015


Ex-display models sale!


We have 30-40 ex display / demo models at huge discounts off the normal prices. Stoves from £199. Visit us in Wareham, Dorset, to see our stoves and take away on the day.


Extended Guarantee - All Saltfire Stoves now come with a 3 Year Guarantee as standard!




September 2015


Early season SALE!

For a very limited time some of our most popular models have a further discount on the already excellent prices:

At £279 - The Furzebrook5kW, The Tyneham 5kW and The Lytchett 7.5kW stoves.

At £284 - The Devon7kW, Hannover 5kW and Vienna 5kW stoves.

At £399 (with £50 of the normal price) - The Grande Purbeck 12kW and Hampshire 12kW stoves.


August 2015


We are now a retailer for the Salamander Hobbit Stove - this is an excellent choice for a small space / boat / caravan / log cabin / garden building etc. A top quality cast iron stove in a neat compact design taking up very little floor space but still capable of providing good warmth. Rated at 4kW and available in both standard and DEFRA Approved versions (for smoke control areas). Also available with a log store extended height base:



August 2015


Special August offer:

The amazing Ekol Clarity Double-Sided High version available fro same price as the standard (low) height version. This month only.



July 2015


The Saltfire ST range is now available in 4 more colours in adition to the standard metallic black finish. Please allow an extra 48 hours for these other colour options as they are sprayed to order at our site here in Dorset:



April 2015


Saltfire ST3 and ST4 models now available.

Larger output versions of the very popular ST1 and ST2 DEFRA Approved stoves.


Click images below for more info:



March 2015


Saltfire ST1 Vision now available.

Same high specification and output as the ST1 Woodburner but now with an extra large window for full view of the fire inside.

Click image for more info: