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1 Piece Offset 5" (125mm)



  • Flue Size: 5" (125mm)


Allows positioning of the stove in the fireplace opening when the flue outlet is not directly below the centre of the chimney flue.

Give an offset (centre-to-centre) of 4" (100mm).

(this part is also available with a built-in access door - see other item in the 5" category).

Our vitreous enamelled stove pipe has been specifically engineered to give an authentic visual look, whilst at the same time being manufactured using the latest technology to ensure years of trouble free use.

Made of laser welded steel and vitreous enamelled on both sides (total thickness of the steel + enamel 1.2 mm), this guarantees the resistance and stability of the Matt Black colour even at very high temperatures classified as class T600, the highest according to EN1856-2.

Our vitreous enamelled stove pipe has been approved to EN 1856-2.
All joints are fully welded which provides an excellent gas sealed joint and offers minimum resistance to flue gas flow.

The system then has two coats of Class A quality enamel applied to both the inside and the outside the pipes and accessories.
Components have been designed to be installed quickly, safely and simply. Our vitreous enamel stove pipe has a male end at the bottom. The male end must be installed facing downwards.
Due to only having one tapered end this pipe can be easily cut and still used within a system, with the male end from the second piece going inside the cut end of the first piece. By fitting the parts together this way allows for debris and moisture to run back down the flue.
The smaller male end is 50mm high and slips inside the main pipe. Please allow for this on all lengths and elbows.

This system has been designed to be used to flue all types of stoves and cookers. However, this flue should only be used internally.

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