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Mini Air Vent For Stoves

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The Rytons AC3LP is a retro-fitted combustion air vent for low kilowatt stoves and fires.

External Grille: 158mm L x 98mm H inc. backplate.

Tube: 77mm (3?) Dia. x 358mm L.

Mini LookRyt® Panel: 110mm L x 110mm H.

Rytons Mini LookRyt AirCore (AC3LP) - Stove Output Compatibility Chart

Stove without flue draught stabiliser (most common situations):

House built prior to 2008* = Up to 10kW (2,750mm² requirement)

House built in or after 2008 = Up to 5kW (2,750mm² requirement)

Stove with flue draught stabiliser

House built prior to 2008* = Up to 6kW (2,350mm² requirement)

House built in or after 2008 = Up to 3kW (2,550mm² requirement)

  * If the house has been extensively upgraded for increased airtightness use post 2008 calculations. * Refer to Appendix F of the Building Regulations Part J for measures that constitute significantly improving airtightness.


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