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All-In-One Cowl Pot Hanger 5"

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  • Flue Size: 5" / 125mm


  • Rapid Fit
  • All In One - No Other Support Components Needed
  • No Need To Remove Chimney Pot
  • Self Supporting
  • Rain Guard Cap
  • Anti Bird Mess
  • 316 Stainless Steel


An ingenious All-In-One Cowl System.
This can be used to secure your Flexi Chimney liner at the top of the chimney, and it secures itself to your chimney pot without the need to remove the chimney pot, making installation much quicker and easier.
It also benefits from a built in mesh bird guard.
To install your liner, you will also need a NOSE CONE to help the liner glide through the chimney, and then an ADAPTOR at the bottom end to join the liner to your stove - a 5-5" adaptor if your stove has a 5" outlet.

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