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DURAFLUE 904 Liner 7"/175mm

DURAFLUE 904 Liner 7

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  • - 904 grade chimney liner with an extended 30 year
  • warranty.
  • - Made from 2 separate sheets of Stainless Steel (Not one Folded).
  • - Anti-corrosion technology for maximum longevity.
  • - Will not sway in large voids making it easy to fit.
  • - Tested to a constant temperature of T600 degrees and a maximum
  • temperature of T1000 degrees.
  • - Pressure tested for use with condensing boilers.
  • - Completely universal so can be fitted either way up.
  • - Will not unravel inside when lining.
  • - Hetas Approved.
  • - Manufactured in the UK.



Premium Chimney Liner

Dura Flue is a class 1 stainless steel flexible chimney liner manufactured here in the UK. It was developed in Germany in the 1970ís and has been the most popular liner there for years and itís now available here in the UK.

Dura Flue is manufactured from two separate pre-formed patented strips of stainless steel. Due to this unique process the steel doesnít come under any stresses during manufacturing as it does during more traditional methods of manufacturing chimney liner where the steel is formed, then folded and finally crimpled to lock it together.

The two separate strips of steel are designed to simply lock into each other when run through the highly specialised patented machinery with ease creating an incredibly strong flexible liner that wonít unravel in the same way a traditional chimney liner can. It also means there is no stress put on the steel during this process as there is when steel is folded to create the inner and outer layers of a traditional chimney liner.

As the steel has not come under any stress or forces during manufacturing the possibility of corrosion is minimised, as there are no weak spots for corrosion to set in. Dura Flue is also tested well above the standards required for a liner in Britain and as such we offer a 15 year warranty on our 316 grade liner and a 30 year warranty on our 904 grade liner.

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