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ST3 Stove

Metallic Black



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  • Heat output: 7.3kW
  • Height: 510
  • Width: 520
  • Depth: 325
  • Approx weight: 67kg
  • Flue Size: 5" / 125mm


  • Large viewing window
  • 4-8kW operating range
  • Nominal 7.3kW
  • 76.3% efficiency
  • Ultra-clean burning
  • Low maintenance
  • No delicate complex parts to go wrong
  • Suitable for use on 12mm hearth
  • Generous firebox size
  • Distance to Combustibles : 450mm to sides / 500mm to Rear



Pick your colour from the drop-down list above ▲. Metallic Black is the standard finish. (note: picture showing colours is of the ST2 model but the colour options are the same for the ST3 model)(colours other than the standard Metallic Black are sprayed to order for you - please allow an extra 2-3 working days for delivery)Choose your extra parts needed above ▲. 


The result of thousands of hours of development, the ST3 the larger, higher output version of our popular ST1 woodburner.

Very few stoves as advanced as this are in production, and you would struggle to find one from any other brand for less than £1200.

Many times cleaner than the required standard for "DEFRA" exemption, it can legally be used anywhere in the UK including the strictest of smoke control zones.

Designed with simple, easy to operate user friendly controls. There is a precision engineered welded outer and inner steel body with thermo-refractory fire brick inner linings.

Designed with a large viewing window for amazing views of the fire. The flame pattern with the advanced "after-burner" system is quite unique.

The ST3 is a dedicated wood-burner only - if you need a multi-fuel stove to also burn coal please see our other models or the ST2 or ST4 stoves which share the same advanced technology but with a multi-fuel grate included.

The stove is ready to install, no assembly is required and comes complete with high temperature mitt/glove.

Finished in black high temperature paint which we source from the USA and with thermo-ceramic clear glass from the industry-leading "Schott" brand in Germany.

The air-wash clean glass system is particularly impressive.  

The ST3 has a 5"(125mm) diameter top flue outlet (there is no rear flue exit). Can be used with 5" diameter flue liner or twinwall flue. 

The ST3 stove has been developed for use in the strictest of smoke control inner city areas and is fully tested to DEFRA and CE / BS standards.

Each Saltfire stove undergoes meticulous testing and development at our labs in Dorset and then testing at KIWA/Gastec in Cheltenham to be fully compliant with the relevant European and British Standards.


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