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Peanut 5


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  • Heat output: 5kW nominal, 1.5-5kW
  • Height: 555
  • Width: 391
  • Depth: 297
  • Approx weight: 80kg
  • Flue Size: 5" / 125mm


  • Ecodesign 2022 Ready (future proofed)
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Future Proof 10 year Money Back Pledge
  • Defra Exempt / Approved for Smoke Control Areas
  • High Efficiency, Ultra-Clean-Burning
  • 79.9% Efficiency
  • Several Sizes and Outputs Available
  • All Have Large Viewing Window
  • Superior Air-wash System for Crystal-Clear Views of the Fire
  • Full Cast Iron Construction
  • Buy Direct from the Manufacturer in Dorset, England
  • External Access to Ashpan for Clean, Easy Ash Removal
  • Can Use 5" (125mm) Flue System all the way
  • Can be used with Top or Rear Flue outlet
  • Suitable for 12mm hearth
  • Distance to Combustibles 450mm to side walls / 400mm to rear wall





The Peanut range is available in various size/ output options: (see other models).


This is the Peanut 5. (click here to see the Peanut 5 Tall height version).


Each version is also available in standard leg/ base type (shorter) and as a tall version which are great in a taller fireplace or when used freestanding without a traditional chimney/ fireplace


All come with 5 year guarantee on the stove body.


All Peanut stoves share the same clean-burn technology. Not only have Saltfire engineers been hard at work reducing smoke emissions this past few years, Peanut also feature extremely low CO, NOx, particle and Hydro-Carbon emissions. This advanced Clean-Burn technology is a huge leap forward for wood burners.There is more info below on each of the Peanut stove versions.


Wood stove technology and the understanding of wood stove designers and engineers has moved on a lot in recent years. Most stoves may look like similar black boxes, but what goes on inside the burn chamber can be very different -


The Saltfire Stoves Group is at the forefront of innovations in wood stove combustion and The Peanut range is the result of Saltfire’s latest developments in clean-burning, high efficiency stove technology.


Created at Saltfire Stoves Group Innovation Centre in Wareham, Dorset, they are designed to be very easy to operate, install and super easy to keep clean and maintain. 


Available directly from the manufacturer, with a Peanut you get a highly advanced stove with superior engineering and build quality at the lowest possible price.


With a broad range of outputs on each model, you will have fingertip control to enjoy a slower ‘lazy flames’, or  hotter ‘roaring flames’ fire, and anywhere in between – All whilst maintaining high efficiency using fewer logs but giving more heat when you need it.


Available in several sizes and rated outputs, each with regular ‘short’ and ‘tall’ height options (see drop down menu to pick the model which will work best for you). – If you are unsure which will be best suited to you, you can contact us – we will be able to answer any technical questions prior to your ebay purchase. We are always easy to contact before, during and at any time after your purchase for any help you may need.


The Peanut range features all-cast-iron construction for maximum heat-retention and ultra-clean-burning, by keeping the belly of the fire hot even during ‘low & slow’ burning. Cast Iron construction also makes for an extremely rugged stove with long life.


We know of many cast iron stoves with lighter weight construction still going strong after 100 years or more, so if you are thinking “how long will my stove last?” – think of it becoming a family heirloom to be handed down to your great grandchildren!


Used since the very first invention of wood stoves, Saltfire have chosen to use the reliable qualities of cast iron, brought up to date with the latest innovations in wood combustion technology.

Peanut 5

Rated at 5kW it can heat a decent sized room easily, with easy variable output between 1.5 and 5kW. It’s viewing window is huge for a compact stove! 'Peanut-5' – can fit a ‘standard small’ UK chimney opening of 16” wide. – This can make some installations so much simpler and easier – rarely would any building/ alteration work need to be done even with a small chimney opening.


Normally for houses built prior to 2008, an additional air vent in the room is NOT required.


5kW nominal (official) output – 1.5 to 5kW controllable output


(For physical dimensions see the dimensions image)


Viewing Window size = 273mm wide by 286mm high (big!)


Firebox width = 305mm, (takes generous sized logs) 

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