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Stove Pipe Thermometer



Woodsaver Stovepipe Thermometer
Longer lasting fires / Less chimney cleaning / Attaches Magnetically / Conserve natural resources
Why use this thermometer?
A woodstove without a thermometer is like a car without a speedometer. Informed operation of your stove's controls shows you when the fire consumes wood too fast, exceeding the stove's efficient operating zone.
It is impossible to know accurately, by looking at the burning flames, the temperature of your stove and flue. This thermometer enables you to avoid burning too hot, so you can prevent damage to your stove.
An under-fired woodstove is smoky, causing hazardous creosote and tar to form in the stovepipe. This thermometer informs you when the burn rate is too cool and tells you when optimum firing is achieved for safe operation.
This thermometer helps you avoid over-firing. Burning too hot wastes wood and does not generate additional room heat, because excess energy is lost up the stovepipe. When you burn in the efficient operating range, you lengthen the burn time of your wood.

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