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With it's crystal clear tempered glass sides, the white high gloss steel body appears to levitate mid-air.

The hypnotic dancing real flame is consistent and fully controllable. A gentler and more elegant flame pattern than that of a woodburner or gas fireplace. The reflections of the flames on the glass and stainless steel are particularly attractive.

Flueless - all of our bio-ethanol fireplaces are completely flueless and require no chimney whatsoever due to the ultra clean burning nature of the bio-ethanol fuel. The fire can be used in any room of the house or outside.

At the heart of the fire is the stainless steel removable combustion block. A solid dual-layer block, far superior to most bio-ethanol fires on the market and having been tested to meet strict German regulations.

Once poured into the combustion block, the fuel soaks away into a special material which acts like a sophisticated wick, only releasing the optimum amount of fuel as required. This allows a very efficient, constant and long burn time, fully controllable with a variable-rate sliding closure mechanism. A single fill can burn for up to 5 hours.

Bioethanol is a form of renewable energy that is produced from plants. The only by-products are water and CO2 which can then be taken back up by plants.

Bioethanol fires are therefore very clean and environmentally friendly.

This unique fuel burns cleanly with a bright and vibrant real flame, allowing you to locate the fireplace virtually anywhere in your house (or office, gym or workplace - in fact almost anywhere you want!) or outside in the garden, with no need for a chimney or venting or gas or electrical supply.

All of the heat produced is kept in the room as no heat is wasted up the chimney meaning the fires are effectively 100% efficient.

Free delivery to England and Wales and parts of Scotland (Scottish customers please check before ordering). Orders received before mid-day will be dispatched same day. Orders received later will be despatched next day.

Specification and dimensions:

H = 61cm
W = 80cm
D = 33cm
Fuel capacity = 1200ml
Normal burn time = 5 hours

This fire has a normal retail price of 895 so you can bag a real bargain at less than trade price.

Ceramic pebbles and logs can be bought with this fire (as shown in some of the pictures) - see our accessories section.

Please note: this model will be delivered on a booked-in pallet delivery. The local courier will call you and book in a delivery day with you. They will normally call the working day following dispatch from us and book in a day with you over the next 2 working days. Please ensure we have any contact numbers.

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